What do we do?

Motionvillee is an animated explainer video company that makes animated explainer videos for businesses. Create engaging videos that your target audience loves to consume, with us. By understanding your customer persona, we create laser targeted videos that will have the right emotional connect with your customers.

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Animated Explainer Video Production Company

Here’s how an explainer video can help you

You find it difficult to put across your brand’s offerings in a simple and succinct manner?

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Want to reach more customers? Create a brand name that is synonymous with your industry?

If you are not sure about where or how to spread the word about you, don’t worry, this is where creating an explainer video helps you. Motionvillee, as an in-demand animated explainer video production company is going to help you do just that.

  • Tell your story making it easy for brand call
  • Explain your product to potential customers in a simple way
  • Build credibility around your offerings
  • Stand out from your competitors with a short animated explainer video
  • Help your prospects understand the benefits of your product
  • Explain your USP with little effort
  • An explainer video is an evergreen content that you can use anywhere, anytime and forever
  • Persuade your customers to take action
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Our Clients

Awards and Recognition

We’ve made – and make – a wide array of animated explainer videos for a wide range of clients in many different industries all over the world. And while we like to think we do a pretty good job of it – winning an award or two here and there – there’s no better way of demonstrating what we can do, the value we can add, and what we’re like to work with.

Motionvillee Recognized by Clutch as Top Animated Explainer Video

Why choose Motionvillee?

Ever dreamed of creating brand videos that knock the socks off your target audience? That’s what we specialize at. To put it in simple words, we aim to do a bloody good job of your explainer video.

At Motionvillee, we understand the kind of power that videos wield over us mere mortals. Transmuting your ideas into powerful videos that creates an impact is what we have been able to accomplish- repeatedly at that.

Is your video strategy for your brand still in its infancy? Don’t worry. We have the capacity and resources to pull off attention-grabbing videos, which is why we are one of the most sought after animated explainer video production company.

Why choose Motionvillee
Varied Portfolio

Varied Portfolio

We have worked with 100+ clients around the world in different niches and varied budgets. Our experience is an added asset as it helps us to establish if a particular strategy would work or not. This saves a lot of time for the client and us.

Working with clients from a variety of niche has given Motionvillee the acumen to anticipate and deal with any kind of problem statement. Even if your business is in a sub-niche with little information available in the public domain to study, chances are that we would have already worked on something similar. The more challenges you face, the wiser you become, and the team at Motionvillee is a testament to that.

While there is no formula for a winning video, our experience suggests that a mix of certain elements in it always increases the chances of its success. Guess what? We are well versed in introducing these elements to the videos that we make.

Stellar Team

Stellar Team

With a multitude of professionals at our disposal, we strive to create an animated explainer video for your business that will have the word “Terrific” written all over it. Motionvillee’s experienced professionals understand the nuances of making animated explainer videos. They are voice-over artists, designers, illustrators, videographers, editors, scriptwriters, animators and
dedicated account managers.

With their experience, the entire process of creating animated explainer videos becomes smooth and most importantly- successful. The client will also have direct access to the team to get their queries cleared via a project management tool. The right team can create magic, and we always succeed in hitting upon that right combination.

Proven Process

Proven Process

The team at Motionvillee works with a bunch of checklists in its hand. Why? Because we have created a proven process that works every time. Ensuring that the quality is stellar is on top of our minds and our process is the backbone behind achieving it.

Our proven process enables us to deliver top notch videos as we get to understand your requirements clearly by asking what you need and how you need to create the best marketing collateral for you- your brand’s explainer video.

Motionvillee’s onboarding and customer experience is the cherry on the cake as our process has been highly refined over the years creating explainer videos for businesses. Expect minimum contact and maximum impact to get the best explainer video suited to your needs, niche audience and business.

How is Motionvillee different?

Engagement Guarantee

We keep up with the latest developments in the field and embellish the explainer videos accordingly. Our work speaks for us and delivers quantifiable results. Our masterstroke lies in an engaging and interesting animated explainer video that sells.

Animated Video Company
Animated Explainer Video Company Team

Qualified Team

With over a decade of experience, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and we are a brick in the wall of several celebrated brands. Our team picks the best of your random thoughts about animated explainer videos and shape it in the form of a conceptual explainer video that touches hearts and knocks wallets. We offer unmatched video content development experience, brand awareness that spreads like wildfire, and promising conversion rates.

Great Storytelling

We bring simplification, interest factor, and engagement to your story all at the same time. Our animated explainer video connects on an emotional level with the viewers. We concentrate on conveying the value proposition effectively and quickly. Stand out in the crowd with our best in class services.

Animated Video Production Company

So what do you get from Motionvillee?



Our team of writers will understand deeply about your business and industry to create a script that will help convert your prospects into customers. This will involve research from our side to underst and your industry better and also asking you questions about your business.

Simplified explanation of your business

Simplified explanation of your business

There are businesses whose offerings are not easy for the average customer to understand. To reach your customers effectively, you need to create the explainer video in such a way that it is simple for everyone to understand on first viewing.

Adding video elements

Adding video elements

Once the script is ready, it is now time to add a mix of elements like music, graphics, animations, etc. The fully animated video in 1080p HD will surely keep your customers hooked. The video becomes highly impactful when all the elements of the video fall into place.

Increase conversions

Increase conversions

It is important that you get to increase your conversions, get more people to your website, and let them get in touch with you. As an animated explainer video production company, we are glad that we are in a position to help our clients achieve tremendous success with our work. It’s a privilege.


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